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Advanced Account Setup | Done-With-You

If you’re ready to scale your business and grow without the added stress or burnout, our Advanced Account Setup Service can help you focus and hit the ground running. Have an expert walk you through and teach you how to grow and scale your business ensuring the use of GHL at it's fullest. Building out your GHL account with you. Work more productively and efficiently with best practices and training for you and your team to help gain knowledge on the software and become a pro in no time. We know there is much to learn and build when signing up let our consultants guide you on your path to success.

Advanced Account Setup

  • 5 one hour consulting sessions, within a month of purchase, with HighLevel experts (software Only)

  • Dedicated HighLevel Agency Growth Advisor

  • Done with you build out of a fully functioning client location and or business location Account

  • HighLevel Led Team Teaching - Software Knowledge and Navigation

  • Software Best Practices

  • Recorded calls of all sessions

  • Personalized Business Process Documentation

  • Snapshot Creation of Built Account

  • Guided migration assistance and other software integration (as applicable)


Let HighLevel Take You Higher

Book a time with one of our Account Managers to better understand all the different services and products we have available that can help improve your go to market strategies with HighLevel.

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