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Eliza Agent Platform

Eliza is built to help agencies solve 3 significant components:

  1. Answering leads for their clients (quickly!)
  2. Allowing agencies to create a scalable process to nurture the leads
  3. Help streamline the booking flow

Your clients should be closing leads, not chats! Let Eliza Agent Platform help you do the job seamlessly.

Eliza is not just another messaging platform; it is meant to serve as a human rollover system customizable to your use case. Whether you want to book appointments or just respond to the leads, the FAQ setup and Agent Configuration will help you work smarter, not harder.

The Eliza Platform is meant for Agencies that want to offer it to their own customer base (within their GHL Agency Account). This platform cannot be resold.


* You need to bring your own agents

* Does not offer bots for conversations. If you are looking for conversational appointment booking bot, it is available in our PRO plan.

Setup Fee $2,500 $1000

$0 set up fee

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Monthly Subscription Fee: $500/mo, up to 5 Eliza login accounts for your agents

$99/mo per additional agent account

UNLIMITED SUB ACCOUNTS within your Agency Account

12 Month Agreement


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