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HIPAA Compliance | Done-For-You

Client information security and safety is vital when it comes to businesses and websites that fall under the medical industry. If you’re working with medical companies or the medical/dental industries, we can ensure that your website and any forms and information given by patients is HIPAA compliant.

Our service creates security and gives you, your clients and their patients peace of mind that their medical and personal information is protected.

HIPAA Compliance

  • HIPAA Enabled for the whole Agency

  • All Security Rules Enabled

  • BAA With the Agency

  • Full Encryption

Your Price $297 /mo

Suggested Retail Price $445

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about our services? Check out our FAQ below to see if we have the answer! If not - feel free to connect with us!

Is the cost per location?

No, the additional $297/month covers all locations within your agency account.

Does HighLevel’s HIPAA service mean my agency is HIPAA compliant?

No, activating HighLevel’s HIPAA service ensures that the data within your HighLevel account is HIPAA compliant; therefore, we can enter into a BAA with your agency, but your agency also needs to be HIPAA compliant in order to enter into a BAA with your clients.

Can I turn this off if I lose my medical client(s)?

No, once your account is upgraded to the HIPAA compliant version of HighLevel, it cannot be downgraded.

Can you help my agency become HIPAA compliant?

Contact us at, and we can put you in touch the with the compliancy consultant we used.

What paperwork is provided to prove the HIPAA Compliance to clients?

When a client registers for and purchases HIPAA compliance, the client receieves a copy of the BAA that they and Highlevel signed. We also create an email in FreshDesk that confirms that HighLevel has activated HIPAA compliance for them once that step is done. We can provide proof of HIPAA compliance on request.

What’s the difference between HIPAA-compliant and non HIPAA-compliant users?

HIPAA compliance ensures that strict security measures are implemented within the GHL software, so that client accounts meet certain encryption standards reserved for HIPAA sensitive information.


We receive a notification as soon as the client purchases HIPAA compliance. We then send out a BAA to the client to complete. Once we receive the BAA back from the client, we can turn on HIPAA compliance immediately. The entire process from start to finish usually takes about 48-72 hours on average.

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